Strauts FX The First Place Globally

We are more than just a wider network investment around the world. We are investment network.

You will choose Struts FX for several reasons, including:

Every person is unique. every situation is different. client turn to stratusfx for lots of reason. however, it’s mostly has to do with trust. we provide the best, most reliable and simple solution

Multiple trading accounts

We have a global trading platform offer you to choose the type of portfolio suits you. Apart from the account type you choose

API – Use your own

No need to change your existing device. Uses of our first class, will provide you with the flexibility to use applications in no time

Customer Service

Our unique relationship with you is why we exist. Our team is dedicated to providing a trustworthy service. We urge you to try us

Data Protection

Data protection refers to the practices, policies, and measures taken to safeguard data from unauthorized access, corruption, or loss.

Social Trading

Be famous investor, joined the trading revolution